Who are we?

Mockbeggar Morris a Ladies only Side dancing mainly Northwest Traditional Morris. Our name originates from Mockbeggar wharf, an area of sea in Liverpool Bay off the northern coast of the Wirral.

How did it all start? 

Our style of dancing had its beginnings in the Mill Towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Many women were employed in the Cotton Mills, and with little else to amuse them in those days they would enjoy listening to the Fiddle or Melodeon players. Once WW1 came, the women had to form their own groups and so the tradition of Ladies only sides began. 

Our costume

Our costume is based on the cotton fabric produced in the mills. .The sticks we use represent the bobbins or spindles used in the mills.

We also use handkies to add interest and movement to our steps. We chose red to both complement our choice of dress colours and yet stand out.

Who are we?

Mockbeggar itself began in 1991, started by a group of ladies who were interested in keeping alive the Northwest Traditional Style of dancing.

We are still lucky enough to have some of the original members still dancing with us!



If you've enjoyed listening to the melodious music or watching our delightful dancers, then why not come along and try one of our taster sessions!? 

Come and learn a new skill, improve your  fitness and carry on an age-old tradition, all whilst having a laugh!



Mockbeggars meet from September to June, 8-10pm every Thursday. We always welcome new dance members!

Not a dancer, but want to get involved?

We are always happy to meet any musicians who would like to join our accompanying band!

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